Flower wearer. Lover of adventures. Truth seeker.


(Traveling in Bogota, Colombia while on an Overseas Press Club Foundation fellowship with the Washington Post)

After ending up in my high school principal’s office for asking teachers to donate to the underground newspaper I founded, I haven’t looked back.

As a journalist for the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Newsday, New England Center for Investigative Reporting and others, I’ve found my passion: telling stories that hold the powerful accountable, share marginalized voices and cast a light on wrongdoings. I’m a 2013 grad of Dartmouth College, where I studied law.

I’ve spent time with the neglected horse-cart drivers of Bogota, the low-income residents of a food desert in D.C. at the epicenter of a “living wage” battle between their elected officials and Wal-Mart, and Sikhs in Long Island balancing their temple’s need for security as well as serenity following a high-profile attack in Wisconsin.

In 2014, I covered the Maine statehouse as an investigative reporting fellow for the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting. I filed FOIA requests, dug through public records and combed through complex databases to probe topics like the lack of federal and state oversight of oil train in Maine and the failures of Maine’s criminal restitution system.

During the 2014 midterm elections, I analyzed and visualized federal, state and local campaign finance data to reveal Maine’s “gatekeepers” – the ten Mainers who gave the most to local, state and federal candidates. I also reported on giving during the last 13 days before Election Day, when state campaign finance records showed millions of dollars coming in, millions going out – much of it for the heated race for governor.

I’m currently a municipal beat reporter for New Jersey’s second biggest daily, The Record (of Bergen County). I use data, records and narrative writing to tell untold stories and hold local officials accountable. I also cover breaking news in Northern New Jersey – everything from a police shooting in a library to crackdowns on human trafficking.

As a journalist focused on law and government, topics I am most fascinated by include the politics, policy and economics of the U.S. criminal justice, education and health-care systems, as well as campaign finance. Above all, the human stories behind these issues fascinate me, and I want to dedicate my life to helping share them.